Arches: Hot pressed v. Cold pressed v. Rough

Arches: Hot pressed v. Cold pressed v. Rough

Which is better? hot pressed, cold pressed or rough watercolour paper?

Notes and swatches comparing the different types of professional Arches Watercolour Papers and helpful tips to keep in mind when deciding which one will be best for you!

Everyone is different, therefore has different styles and ways of painting so there’s no definitive ‘Better’ paper

Read and compare my swatches to decide for yourself

Arches Hot Pressed Watercolour Paper

Has the smoothest surface of all three, and can achieve perfect exact fine lines so will be the best paper for painting intricate details 

In my opinion it would be better suited for artists who have excellent water control abilities as the colour tends to flow unpredictably compared to the other paper textures


Arches Cold Pressed Watercolour Paper

The most consistent of all three papers and in my opinion, the easiest to work with

Can achieve exact fine lines and has a more predictable colour flow and smoother washes


Arches Rough Watercolour Paper

Hard to achieve exact lines and takes a lot more water to cover the same surface area that can be covered on hot or cold pressed paper

Better suited to bigger brushes with excellent water holding capabilities

Colours flow beautifully and this paper brings out some amazing granulation effects - great for an abstract or intuitive watercolour artist

The difference between hot pressed, cold pressed and rough watercolour paper for Arches brand

The difference between Arches hot pressed and cold pressed watercolour paper

The watercolours used in the swatch comparisons are Cobalt Blue (single pigment) and also a mixed pigment watercolour of Caput Mortuum and Ultramarine Blue (not available in store yet)
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