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Handmade Watercolours

ARTlantis Super Shifting Watercolour Set x Jane Davenport Collaboration

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• Artlantis Earth (green to yellow to aqua)

• Artlantis Wind (blue to purple)

• Artlantis Fire (pink to red to orange)

This set of 3 Watercolour paints were created within a collaboration between Chelsea Venz and Jane Davenport. The Super Colour Shifting paints have been hand crafted by Chelsea Venz, while the unique shaped pans and branding is owed to Jane Davenport.

3ml of Metallic Watercolor Paint in each half pan

Drop clean water into your pans and let soak for 2 minutes to help your paints activate properly and become creamy before use

Visit @chelseavenzart on Instagram or Facebook to learn more about these paints and the process in which they are handmade

Tag your work using #cvartcolours


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